Yagara (Power Plus Gold)

Yagara (Power Plus Gold) Order Yagara (Power Plus Gold)


Yagara (Herbal Viagra; other trade names include: Power Plus Gold) is a herbal medication used to help with erectile dysfunction, impotence, and a diminished sex drive.

Yagara (Herbal Viagra) is supplied as brown capsules in blister packs, 20 caps per blister.

2 packs = 40 pills
4 packs = 80 pills
6 packs = 120 pills

Yagara (Herbal Viagra) contains a combination of natural ingredients and therefore has no side effects associated with prescription ED treatments.

Yagara (Herbal Viagra) works by increasing the blood flow to the penis and regulating the process of male sexual arousal.

The effects of Herbal Viagra include:

Hard erections
Improved sexual performance
Increased stamina
Shorter refractory periods


Follow the directions for using this medicine provided by your doctor.

It is usually recommended to take 1 or 2 capsules, preferably with milk, before going to bed.


Herbal Viagra is not known to have any side effects when taken as prescribed.


Ingredients include:

Ashwagandha extract 50 mg
Kavach Beej 50 mg
Shilajit 50 mg
Lata Karanj 50 mg
Vidhara Beej 50 mg
Jay Phal (Nutmeg) 50 mg
Akkal Kara 25 mg

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